I added four new dowloads for coloring (check them out). Otherwise I haven’t had much time to draw this spring. The good news is that I will be creating a color book for adults that will be out in Sweden this fall. More about that further on.

Sorry for the lack of updates.

So, from the beginning this blog was supposed to be a way to get more personal and show some of the process behind my work. Unfortunaly it has become totally neglected. I’ll try to better myself.


Meanwhile, here’s an old drawing for you.


My favorite part of the process

As much as I love it when a painting is finished, or when I have a white oiece of paper in front of me just waiting to be filled with something, my favorite part of the process is when I send a painting of to a new owner.

I have tons of drawings and paintings laying around at home. They don’t give me even half the pleasure as they do to someone else who likes my art. And it feels great knowing somebody thought that piece of art was good enough to have a place in their home.

Today I send two new pieces of art of to a new home, what a great feeling!


On its way to a new owner